Meet Photographer Emily Tidwell

Meet Emily! She resides near Mt. Hood, Oregon, and has been providing us with badass ski photos for the past couple years. We asked her some questions last week- check out the interview and her work!

Your parents set you up to love art from a young age, when did you first pick up a camera?

I bet I would have been 3! My dad had given up one of this old cameras for my sister to play with. It was in our toy box and I would take it out and run around the house "snapping" away. My very first camera I got was when I was 8 as a birthday present. I still have it! Just your standard point and shoot film camera from the 90s but I still to this day remember opening it and screaming because I was so excited!


When did you make the transition and start shooting skiing?

That took ages! But it wasn't because I didn't want to. I decided when I was 13 that I wanted to grow up and take photos, of skiers in particular. It was when I really started getting into skiing. I had joined the race team, started going on winter trips with my friends to Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee (best place ever!!), and repeatedly watched ski movies again and again and again. Ten years down the line, I was living and working at Mt Hood, taking photos but, really afraid to step into taking photos of skiing. I didn't think I would be good enough, I never really thought I would ever be good enough! Then my boyfriend at the time, now fiancé, had me take photos of a backyard session we had.  He sent them to a sponsor. Then 2 months later I woke up to a text message and a photo saying "guess what" and to my complete shock, that company had used my photo in an ad for Freeskier Magazine! I nearly $%& myself. After that, I really started to focus my efforts on skiing, and I've never been happier. I abso*&^$inlutely love it!

What do your favorite shoots look like? Do you prefer messing around with friends or big organized events?

Why not both?! I love shooting with my friends, I'm so much more relaxed but the more I shoot the less I need that sense of security! I feel really lucky to know a lot of skiers and snowboarders, and usually know at least one or two people at each event I've gone to, and left with even more friends than I started with! I do have to say, there's something that is so much fun about the big events! There's so much that goes into it. Bigger builds + more people= more hype! Everyone is going out and going big, it's hard to walk away with something that doesn't work.


What’s your favorite part about shooting with other ladies?

Camaraderie! A lot of the ladies that I know and I've skied with don't live near by me, so I don't get to ski with them a lot. But when I do, even if we haven't seen each other for months, it's always a blast!



Anything exciting on the agenda for the upcoming season?

So many plans! But not many set in stone. I'm really excited about working with Timberline Lodge this working, taking photos with them. I'm really hoping to make one trip to Canada and hopefully the US Rockies! Maybe overseas again :). I like to see where the world takes me, the unexpected journeys are always the best!

If you could give advice to someone who was in the position that you were a few years ago, what would it be?

Step out of the comfort zone! Life is about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. In order to work on something you're going to mistakes and you're going to fail. We can't all be Ansel Adams when we pick up our camera for the first time. I use to let that stop me from improving. It was easier for me to think I just wouldn't be good enough. Don't be me! Push past that! It's worth it.

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