"Love To Your Mother" - Lexi duPont 2017

The 2016/2017 ski season brought one of the most memorable winters on record but it also brought some of the greatest political and environmental change we have ever witnessed. LOVE To Your Mother, is a reminder to connect to our home and celebrate Mother Earth! As outdoor enthusiast we connect to her on a deeper level. Its our responsibility to share the joys from our experiences and the deep seeded connection we have with the natural world with those who are simply disconnected. From Revelstoke, to Alaska, to Iceland, it doesn't matter where in the world you are or what mountain you are blasting down as long as you realize you are connect to the larger systems in place. This short film is a reminder that we are all one, we are all connected and we must be her voice to help protect her. LOVE To Your Mother!

Lexi's Season Edit is available to watch on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/24042290

'Follow Through' - Caroline Gleich

Wasatch Skier Caroline Gleich became the fourth skier and first women to ski every line in the book 'Chuting Gallery'. Follow Through is her story of overcoming the challenges that got her there.

People have opinions about skier Caroline Gleich: Inspirational. Gumby. Social media star. Role model. Model masquerading as a mountaineer. At sixteen, she stumbled upon a copy of the cult classic guidebook The Chuting Gallery. Irreverent and wonderfully arbitrary, the guidebook lays out a set of 90 ski mountaineering lines across Utah's Wasatch Mountains.



Kalen Thorien's 270-Mile Solo Hike

Some spring inspiration for you- Kalen Thorien's short film about her 270-mile 18-day through hike in the Sierras. From successes to feeling defeated, the highs and lows, the vulnerabilities and triumphs, Out In The Sierra has it all- and it's pretty inspirational.

"This doesn't mean you have to run into the woods, stop shaving your legs, and throw away your makeup- but more power to you if you do" -- "Pursue your wild woman, and don't be intimidated by your discovery"

Katrina is back with 'My Bitches'

Many of us remember Katrina's 'Sexual Wednesdays' series on Newschoolers a couple year's back. She's now recovered from a knee injury that put her out most of last season and has paired up with her sponsor Virtika to drop this new music video/ ski edit combo. 


Dew Tour Women's Jumps

Dew Tour Women's Ski Jump section went down today in Breckenridge, Colorado. Despite snowy conditions, the ladies showed up to throw down. Estonian Kelly Sildaru took first place by almost 17 points and starting almost a whole run' s length above the athlete's tent. Kelly threw down both left and right switch 9 mutes.