Lady Shred

Editors note: This article was originally published for (read that here). The shred event that went down in Jackson Hole in 2015 was the birth of Girls Do Shred, and we've been dreaming of bigger changes since then. 

Photos: Cy Whitling

Back during the winter of 2015 I was talking to a friend of mine about raising the bar of women's ski media and content. I knew of so many girls who could rip, but none of them we're putting out content. That's when I had the idea to bring us together. I tossed the idea around to a few people I knew of to come meet up with me in Jackson Hole, but it exploded from there.

We had over 20 ladies drive from Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Utah, and even Canada, to come together and shred along with generous help from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Blackstrap.  It was fucking awesome.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw all of us together, we had ladies lapping the park, and others up on the mountain dropping cliffs. We'd all go around scoping, find something we like, then one-by-one each drop it. There was so much progression, lifelong friendships made, laughs, and straight up slaying throughout the day.

It's not that often as ladies we get to ski with other women of similar ability, let alone a group of women. I can't thank Cy, Andy, and Troy enough for following us around with cameras to get the shot, and as Cy may add 'empower us'- whatever that's supposed to mean. Whether it be ski pick up lines with Kara, naked backflips with Maddie, makeshift pond skimming or other general tomfoolery, I think it's safe to say it was one of the funnest weekends shredding of the year.

Sure spring conditions didn't give us the best opportunities to send, but that didn't stop any of the ladies from pushing their limits.