Girls Do Shred is a platform to share and create rad and progressive female content

Girls Do Shred isn't about just women getting together and skiing in a Congo line. These groups already exist - and we respect them all for their mission and inspiration. Girls Do Shred is about raising the bar for women's skiing by creating a platform to help females move forward with their skiing careers. It is about creating opportunities for women to get noticed, or get behind the camera and ski with those that challenge them- men or women.

We need more content with women who rip. There are plenty of females out there that are skiing the same lines as men, but no one knows because the media doesn't exist. Let's make Girls Do Shred grow so that we can have more ski film openers like Angel Collinson (well, we can dream).


Girls Do Shred runs non-profit, however, there are monthly costs to keep this site up and running. Donate today to sponsor sharing awesome content, and help us do more in the future!